Internasjonalt om Norsk Spiritualisme

Det gleder oss at International Spiritualist Federation i sitt siste medlemsblad Yours Fraternally har tatt med en artikkel om spiritualismen i Norge. Vi takker Sybil Richardson som har skrevet om oss. Nedenfor er artikkelen som stod i bladet. Link til hele bladet er


by Sybil Richardson

sybilWisdom , love and fortitude in linking together to take
Spiritualism a step further.

The Norwegian Spiritual Union would like to thank the NSAC & ISF for their initiative in launching such an important project as the documentation of “ Global Spiritualism ," a task which we believe has not been done since Emma Hardinge Britten wrote her monumental book on Spiritualism in 24 countries- 133 years ago .

Modern Spiritualism appeared in Norway in the mid 1880’s. Two of the earliest spokesmen being H.K.Storjohann & B.C .Sverdrup Torstensen, the latter having had contact with Henry Slade. The Norwegian Psychic Society was founded in 1917 and tendencies towards Allan Kardec’s teachings were in the fore in the beginning. However, Norway has had quite a number of unique 20th century mediums and healers, such as Marcello Haugen and Norway’s greatest living medium of today, the 91 year old Joralf Gjerstad , affectionately called “Snåsamannen." Snåsa is the small town he lives in which has only a little over 2,000 inhabitants.

The first Norwegian Spiritual Church ( NST ), Norwegian Spiritual Union ( NSF ) and Norwegian Spiritual Healing Union ( NSHF) were founded in 2007 by Andre Kirsebom who is an accredited healer and certified platform medium with DSNU & CSNU certificates from the Spiritual National Union in England. The NST is a religion based on concepts similar to those of the SNU in England and follows the same seven Principles, in addition to the freedom of embracing the belief in reincarnation, which is deeply embedded in Norse spiritual culture. We hold the second Principle which honours the Brotherhood of Man, regardless of race, colour or creed very highly. This is because we feel it is imperative if we are to achieve peace in the world today. NST states that this principle is even more important than the religion people choose.

Norway has a small population spread over great distances, but the organization has grown rapidly and seven branches are now in operation all over the country. The organization depends on voluntary helpers. The structure and function of the Union is explained as follows: NST The Spiritual Church which is acknowledged by the Norwegian State has more than 900 registered members and ceremonies take place all over the country. NST also has its own four year Minister training program and many of its members visit the popular Arthur Findlay College in England to broaden their spiritual understanding and ideas.

The Spiritual Union NSF focuses on Mediumship and spiritual understanding for those who do not wish to be a part of the church. Weekly meetings take place at different venues around the country, where both Norwegian and foreign guests give talks and demonstrations. The Union’s magazine “Spiritualisten" is printed twice a year and information is distributed over the internet. The Healing Union NSHF, which is recognized by the Norwegian Ministry of Health, works in close collaboration with NSF. Andre Kirsebom has also written well documented educational books in both Norwegian and English on Mediumship and Healing .

Apart from the NST there are quite a few other independent spiritual centers and organizations who practice Spiritualism as a philosophy. Retreats and annual gatherings in Congress Halls are very widespread, where you can find everything from Shamanic drummers from Lapland to Aura readers etc. There are several spiritual magazines in Norway which are all based on spiritual articles and advertising.

Should any readers wish to make contact with us please feel free to do so , we would be delighted to hear from you. To fi nd NST / NSF/ NSHF please visit

Greetings from Norway!