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Below you will find answers to some questions that are frequently asked in connection with Healing.

What is healing?

• Healing is a process that helps people (or animals) to get better or get well. Healing may help on all our four bodies. The physical human, the emotional human (emotions), the mental human (our thoughts) and the spiritual human (belief and spirituality).

• The healing happens through a spiritual/energetic contact between healer, client and the spirit world that are here to help us. The spirits are positive, loving, intelligent and wishes to give healing to whoever is receiving it.

• Healing is a natural ability. All people has the possibility to learn and develop healing.

How does it work?

• We all have our physical body and in addition we also have a spiritual body. Someone will call it an energy field , someone will call it aura and others will call it chakras which is energy fields in the body. If this spiritual energy is unbalanced it may lead to illness. The work of the healer is to get the spiritual body back in balance. Your spiritual body will influence on your physical body so that it will get better or well.

Most healers work together with a power/energy like God, angels, the primitive force, nature forces or spirits. It is common that the healer is working as a channel and forwarding the healing energy to the client. It is the energy that gives the healing and not the healer. What matters is how good the healer is to channel the energy forward.


How may it help?

Generally, healing may work on everything and often it will help easier on some illnesses.

It does not matter whether the illness is of physical or mental nature or how you got it. Normally healing will be able to help the body to get better and be rid of pain.

The effect of healing may vary from 0 to 100%. In some cases it will not work and in others you can get all well. Sometimes pain can go away and sometimes the cause of the illness will go away. Generally healing will work with the cause rather than the symptoms.

Who will it work for?

To peoples with the same disease and have the same healer to work on them may get two different results. That is because the healing works on a spiritual level. Simultaneous, if one did not get better, it may happen that the healing energy has worked on another problem in another part of the body with good results. This leads to some other questions!

Do I have to believe in healing for it to work? - No, you do not. You will have to spare some time and try it to see if it working or not. If you have negative thoughts it may work as well. Of course, if you are positive, the chance that it will work will be stronger. What really means something is that you have a wish to become well.


The Norwegian Spiritualist Union – the Healer union

The union is working both for the healers and also for the best of their clients.

The union has existed since 2007 and has since the beginning been working to establish offers for the healers and the clients. We are working to get more good healers into our union. Today we count approximately 230 healers in our union. Many of these are approved healers and you can find them on our website.


We are constantly working for the healers to give them good offers through the membership. This is for instance information, courses, cheap insurance and good offers. Our healers are also invited to come and work on the spiritual healing evenings in Oslo and Bergen.

One of our main tasks is marketing our healers. On our website you will find a list of healers in our union. This list is being distributed to magazines as Visjon, Ildsjelen, Medium and through the public newspapers. When the members and the income of the Healing union increases, the marketing will expand. We mean that it should pay off to be a member. If you wish to become a member, take a look at www.spiritualist.no.

The Norwegian Directorate of Health has approved the Norwegian Spiritualist Healing Union as an responsible organization for its members of approved healers. (RGH)


The Healing union is a separate union which is working close together with Norwegian Spiritualist Union for members that have healing as their work, part time workers or have it as a hobby. The union has as their main task to speak for healing and support their members in their development. The union is been running on a voluntary basis.

Healers in the union has to work according to the unions rules of ethics and the unions understanding of healing. (See healing above).

There are three different membership s in the Norwegian Spiritualist Union Healer union.

Members can either be healer or approved healer.

• Healer: This is the title given when you become a member.

• Approved healer (in Norway GH): The title you get when you have gone through a procedure of approval. For more information, see approval.

• Registered healer: As approved healer you can register in the register Alternative behandlere. You will be both approved and registered.

• Alternatively you can become a passive member and get the title healer. Then you will not be register ed on the list that is being distributed on our website. If you wish to have insurance or be registered healer through the Healer union, you cannot be a passive member.

Ethical rules

All healers attached to the Norwegian Spiritualist Union Healer union are to keep to the unions rules of ethics.

Members of Norwegian Spiritualist Union Healer union shall:

* carry on their business in a properly way, with concern and respect for those who are asking for help

* only give messages and treatment on request from the client or a superior

* give the client information that healing is no substitute for qualified medicine treatment

* don`t give any promises of relief or cure

* not give medical diagnosis or advice about medicaments or other forms of treatment where the healer don`t have competence

* mediate respect for the choice the client is taking regarding other methods of treatments and therapists

* have a personal responsibility to what you do and say during a treatment or channeling

* show respect for the belief systems your client have

* attend a professional secrecy about all information given during practice of business

* be sure they are physical and mentally qualified to run their business

* appear realistic and with concern toward the client concerning questions about payment and donations of money

* in advance give information to the client about the character of the treatment, use of time and payment

* don`t act in a way that puts Norwegian Spiritualist Union, other mediums or healers as a group in discredit.

If you have any questions, anything you wander about, please send an e-mail to: mail@spiritualist.no and I will help you.


Kind regards from André Kirsebom leader of Norwegian Spiritualist Union Healer union

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