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We are providing the following information to enable our overseas friends and colleagues to become acquainted with our organization. Our organization was founded by Minister André Kirsebom in 2007, which has now expanded into seven branches in major cities throughout the country, making it the largest Spiritualis t Organization in Norway.


NST The Norwegian Spiritualist Church (1050 members)

NSF The Norwegian Spiritualist Federation (400 members)

NSH The Norwegian Spiritualist Healing Association (240 members)

People can join NST without being part of the other associations though to join NSH one must be part of NST or NSF.


HEAD OFFICE: Det Spirituelle Hjem (The Spiritual Home), Hoff Terrasse 6, Oslo, 0275.

All work connected with healing and mediumship demonstrations at our meetings and office administration is performed voluntarily. Annual general meetings are held here.


STRUCTURE: The organization was founded in 2007 by Minister Andre Kirsebom


who holds several DSNU and CSNU certificate in healing, mediumship and

teaching from The Arthur Findlay College in the UK, home of the Spiritualist National Union.

The Norwegian Spiritualist Church (NST) is recognized by the Norwegian government,

and the Norwegian Spiritualist Healing Organization has been accredited by the Norwegian

Health Board.



EDUCATION/COURSES: The organization provides courses in healing, mediumship, house cleansing, spiritual philosophy and a 4-year minister training program. The courses are on all levels and there is a certification process for healing and mediumship. We also provide marketing possibilities for our members.

CEREMONIES: We have 4 ordained Ministers who perform Weddings, Naming Days, Confirmations and Funerals. Ten students are currently enrolled in our training course.

ACTIVITIES: Daily activities take place at our center, from healing to demonstration evenings where we invite speakers, healers, mediums, spirit artists and others to share their expertise with us. We frequently have internationally known mediums and healers visiting us

to demonstrate their mediumship and offer weekend classes.


THE SEVEN PRINCIPLES: (Gender neutral and as we have them in Norway)

1. A God that is in all and everything

2. Unity, equity and love of all

3. Communication, guidance and healing from spirit

4. The continuous existence of the human soul

5. Personal responsibility

6. Your choices will affect your life and your development

7. Eternal progress open to every human soul




NST: 1. To build a spiritual community in Norway

2. To promote spirituality through healing, demonstration of mediumship

and communication with the spirit world

3. To be equal with other religions and promote the understanding that
we all need to work together toward a better world.

4. To follow the 7 spiritual principles

5. The understanding that reincarnation is common. Spirits can
themselves choose whether they want to reincarnate or not.


NSF: 1. To spread the belief and concepts of spirituality in Norway

2. To lead a life based on the fundaments of light and love

3. To live in the knowledge that death does not exist and that the soul

enters another dimension after passing over

4. To take personal responsibility for our lives and for the lives of our

fellow people, animals and nature

5. To promote high quality in mediumship and healing and provide good
training of mediumship and healing

6. To cultivate good ethics.


INTERNATIONAL CONTACTS: We are a member of the ISF in addition to keeping in close contact with the SNU and NSAC. Our news and activities will be available through our Global News weblink on www.spiritualist.no We wish to hear what our fellow spiritualists around the world are up to, and share news and views with you so as to enhance learning and strengthen a sense of community. If you have a summary or news link, kindly let us know!


We would be delighted to hear from you should you wish to get in touch. Contact us on:

Marie Holm, PhD and Sybil Richardson

marieholmphd@gmail.com richardson.sybil@gmail.com



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